Douglas Spencer

Gemini nominee Douglas Spencer is an independent television producer and founder of DBS Productions Incorporated, a production company committed to producing high-quality Canadian television programs.

His latest project was the 39-episode Off the Map -- a co-production with Gorica Productions Toronto -- featuring ordinary women exploring extraordinary places in which he was nominated for a Gemini for best direction in an information program or series.

Off the Map aired on the Women's Television Network in Canada and The Travel Channel in the United States and is currently airing on CTV Travel, Discovery Civilization Channel and Access Alberta in Canada, and Women's Entertainment in the United States. Off the Map recently sold in France, Spain, Japan, The Czech Republic, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Italy and Australia.

Other projects in production include Sammy's in the Hood, Medicine Hunter, Dream Runner, and Flyboys.

In addition to producing and directing television, Douglas has written several books including Under One Sun, the Futures Kit, Learning Spaces: A Handshake with the City, Networks, and Questions Kids Ask (For Those Who Care to Listen).

Doug has extensive marketing experience in both the private and public sectors.

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Douglas Spencer
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